Abstract from issue 1, December 1997

In this issue of Bin ie d'r één van Nekkers ? :

Preview of 1998

Reactions on first letter

Why this title ?

A miller in Arnhem

Albert Nekkers’ properties

The cartoon.......

White women (“witte wieven”)  in the Achterhoek of Gelderland

Call for papers

List of addresses



                                                   Soest, December 1997

Dear relative,

Things are developing quick now, the first letter to all of you (two months ago) and all reactions. Therefore a newsletter now. And thank you for your answers and information.

I will process all new information and will give feedback to some of you, who had specific requests for information on family branches.

Happy New Year to our 100 readers. Look for the next newsletter, with more details on our family history!

                                Peter Nekkers.


Reactions on first letter


We got many reactions on our invitation to give your opinion on this initiative to publish information on the genealogy of the Nekkers family. What were the reactions:

- many of you are surprised about the number of relatives and their present domiciles

- wrong information on addresses (old, double), and additional addresses

- pieces of family trees, already made (on paper)

- (copies of) official papers, to be stored in my archive

- some people send small financial contributions (Dutch stamps) for support of my work (note: typical Dutch!)

What went wrong in our first letter ? Well, I forgot to ask you who you are. I know you name and address, but don’t know your parents and grandparents. At the saem time, I don’t know your age, sex, your place of birth etc.  That means our family tree has still many leaves, which cannot be located properly. So, this needs further investigation in 1998.

What went very well with our first letter ? By copying on both sides of the paper and by decreasing the size of the address list, I could keep the weight of the envelope within the 20 gram range for a letter with a stamp of 80 cent s (0,80 Dutch guilders). This saved money.


Why this title ?

The question: Bin ie d'r één van Nekkers ? (Are you one of the Nekkers family ?),our title for this newsletter, was heard very often by the children in my family. Wherever you walked around or went by bike in Zutphen or its neighborhood, there was a chance that people would recognize us.....................

Probably the older generation Nekkers was famous or illustrious, or it was due to our appearance (a characteristic nose, protruded ears ?). It was not possible to be an anonymous Nekkers-child. Not funny !

The tile is written in a kind of “general East-Netherlands” language (dialect) and probably all Dutch readers can pronounce and understand it.


A miller in Arnhem

(originally in Dutch 439 words)

Historic information on: Gerrit Jan Nekkers (born Winterswijk 1818, died Arnhem 1869), ancestor of one Arnhem branch. Married with Agnita Johanna van Eldik (born Dodewaard 1820, died Arnhem 1897). The couple had 9 children.

Gerrit Jan was miller in Valburg and Arnhem, according to articles in:

The magazine: “Gelderse molens”

And a chapter called “De Sint Jansbeek en de Prümer Hof” in a unknown book on Arnhem.


The properties of Albert Nekkers

  Historic information on: Albert Nekkers (born Laren 1846, died Lochem 1916), journeyman (farmhand), leather worker and gardener. Married with Jenneken Klijn Ikking (born Lochem, died in Lochem 1879), servant. The couple got 6 children.  After the death of Jenneken, Albert married Doortje Beumer (born Lochem 1851, died in Goor 1892). The couple got 7 children.

After Jenneken’s death in 1879, a testament is made for Albert. His three (by then living) sons are present. The text is:

...................The inventory is:

In the kitchen two closets with estimated value fifty guilders                               50.-

Clock with ornaments, twelve guilders                                                                       12.-

In a cupboard, plates, cups, a kettle etc., four guilders                                              4.-

Two tables and chairs, eight guilders                                                                           8.-

Beds and accessories, forty guilders                                                                          40.-

Stove, tools and water kettle, six guilders, fifty cents                             6.50

Linen sheets and pillowcases, twenty-five guilders                                                 25.-

Mans cloths and accessories with watch, thirty guilders                                       30.-

Wives cloths and accessories with gold gem, forty guilders                                 40.-

Wash tub with buckets, three guilders, fifty cents                                                   3.50

On the treshing floor two goats, three chicken, twelve guilders                           12.-

Treshed and untreshed rye, twenty-eight guilders                                                  28.-

Hay and kidney beans, eight guilders                                                                          8.-

Farm tools with wheelbarrow, five guilders                                                                 5.-

Copper kettle, two iron pots and two buckets, seven guilders, fifty cents           7.50

Potatoes, thirty-five guilders                                                                                        35.-

In total, three hundred fourteen guilders, fifty cents                                               314.50

............................The estimation was done by mister Albertus Henseler, merchant in Lochem, named by all parties as expert and nominated (under oath) by the honourable District Judge in Zutphen .............

To these properties some real estate was added and some debts were subtracted. Finally an amount of 1178.40 guilders and one half cent remained, besides some real estate and a seat in the Reformed Church in Lochem.


Source: Official archive Arnhem, Notarial Archive Lochem (notary Mispelblom Beijer), act number 4229.