Caution: Due to the Dutch law on privacy of personal data, information on persons born after approx. 1920, are not shown.

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The thirteen ancestors and their descendants:

In generation 10 (of 12) there are thirteen ancestors, all male descendants of Pijter (pronounce Peter like in English), who have children of their own.
Where did these children move to, and where do they live now? The majority per branch can be found in:

1.     Peter (1797): the complete USA-family

2.     Christiaan (1803): Winterswijk.

3.     Gerrit Hendrik (1812): Winterswijk (some of them are railway-employees) . See the example.

4.     Peter (1812): Friesland, Groningen, Zwolle (management of  Odeon-theatre in Zwolle).

5.     Gerrit Jan (1818): Arnhem, Australia (the miller, see newsletter number 1).

6.     Willem (1786): Laren, Bathmen, Hellendoorn, Nijverdal, Hulsen, Wierden, Borne, Hengelo(O), Den Haag.

7.     Gerrit Jan (1799): Laren, Bathmen, Lochem, and (mainly) Holten.

8.     Arend (1805): Lochem, only one child (1830) registered.

9.     Berend Jan (1811): Lochem, Zutphen, only one child  (1845) registered.

10.  Teunis (1806): Laren, Gorssel, Arnhem (the contractors).

11.  Antony (1807): Lochem, Laren, Goor, Roden, Pieterburen.

12.  Jan (1817): Lochem (the famous alderman Derk), Ruurlo, Zutphen, Den Haag, Naarden, Dordrecht, Ijmuiden, Heemskerk.

13.  Antoni (1821): Lochem, Zutphen, Ellecom (city of Rheden), almost all persons in Zutphen (except the railway-employees), Oldenzaal, Canada, Utrecht, Assen, Almelo, Deventer, Soest.

 With help of this list you can all find your ancestor. Keep the place of residence of your parents and grandparents in mind (and  your own).